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It's not just food, it's an Experience"
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Sasha realized at a very young age that she truly possessed a love and passion for cooking. Growing up in an extremely large family she had no other choice but to learn how to cook.  As a child, Sasha recalled countless days sitting in the kitchen watching her mom and aunts prepare large meals for family holiday celebrations, birthdays, and other social events. At the tender age of 12 she prepared her first meal for the family, which left everyone astonished. No one realized she was paying attention.

 Sasha always had a passion for food and cooking but never thought to make it a career.

After journeying through life and several successful career paths, Sasha began to reflect on those moments of absolute happiness.Which in turn led her back to school to pursue & obtain a Culinary Degree in 2016. Sasha graduated at the top of her class and continued to push to higher heights.

After graduating Sasha worked as a line cook for some of Northern New Jersey most elite restaurants. While grateful for the opportunities and experience she gained, Sasha has always been an entrepreneur at heart. This drive and determination gave birth to Sophisticated Palate Catering in 2018. Sasha allows her love and passion for what she does show through her craft. Sasha is an exceptionally gifted, professional, passionate, creative, and detailed oriented Chef who believes in putting your “all” into everything you do. She’s best known for her Sophisticated Seafood Mac & Cheese” and Serious Seafood Salad but there’s no limit to her culinary ability. She specializes in a variety of cuisine. Sasha provides a “Sophisticated taste that soothes any Palate”.



"My experience with Sophisticated Palate was wonderful. The food was well prepared, flavorful, and nice and hot. You all have to try the pineapple bowl, not only is the presentation absolutely stunning but, the taste is delectable. I would like to thank her for her hospitality, hard work, and excellent service."


Khalidah Bynum, East Orange NJ

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